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The onesie has officially left the confines of the private home and is walking about on busy streets, lounging about in coffee bars and shopping for late-night snacks. It has even been sighted in Marks & Spencer shopping for work clothes. There is a way to get one of these adult romper suits without paying for it. (No, it does not involve anything illegal.)

Producttesting.co.uk is offering free onesies. If you a lover of the onesie, if you’ve been feeling warm and snuggly all winter as you saunter about in this one-piece garb, this is all you need to know. If you are new to the idea of the onesie as a wearable bit of apparel, if you are feeling a little confused or disoriented by this fashion trend, read on to learn more.

A onesie is warm

If you awake to the sound of hail pelting against your bedroom windowpane and a chilliness in the air, the onesie hanging in your closet calls out to you. You know how you feel when you pull on your warmest hoodie –so snuggly and cozy? Well, a onesie is like a toasty hoodie for your whole body.

A onesie says you are not uptight

Sure, there are those that equate wearing a onesie in public with a kind of social suicide. As a demented move –not suitable for a serious adult as she sets off to meet her friend for an early morning Sunday coffee. Though if you are a free spirit, a person who celebrates comfort and knows how to chill out on weekends, you will likely find lounging about in a onesie on Sunday sweet. You’ve never minded raising an eyebrow or two. Right?

A onesie for all

The onesie comes in plain, grey flannel. It comes in brilliant pink with whit snowflakes sprinkled all over. It comes in the colours of your country’s flag. It comes in polka dots and in stripes. It comes in plaid. And, yes, it comes in slimming black. The point is that you can find the onesie for you.

A onesie can look like your favourite animal

Are you into giraffes? Are you in awe that they are able to drink 45 litres at one time? Or that they cannot cough? You can show your admiration for this tallest of animals by wearing a super cute giraffe onesie. Or how about bears? Ferocious, yes –but snuggly too. The sloth bear is said to have the shaggiest fur of all bears. What better way to get warm than to put on a bear onesie?

Were you left out at Christmas?

The onesie was a popular Christmas gift in 2012. Nick Clegg recently revealed that he eagerly unwrapped a green onesie on Christmas morn – and that he has yet to work up the courage to try it on. If you were not as lucky as Mr. Clegg, and found no such loungewear under your fabulous tree on Christmas Day, you should take steps to rectify this sorrowful situation.

As we wrote above, Producttesting.co.uk is generously giving away free onesies. You too can romp about in cuddly comfort, all while enjoying that you did not pay for it. It is a mystery but a fact that a free onesie feels even more snuggly than a onesie that you shell out hard-earned cash for.

If you’ve yet to get into a onesie but are starting to think that this is a life-experience worth having, this is your day. Whether you confine your romping to the inner sanctum of your home or take your new look out into the world, relish the freedom that comes with sliding into a onesie.