Everyone deserves to have something comfy to lounge around in on the weekends. Comfort and coziness should not be delegated just to the cooing, babbling toddlers and drooling babies. Don’t adults deserve to curl up on the sofa or in bed in their own personal cocoons? I for one most definitely scream “yes, we do!”

I would love to not have to worry about my bed eating my socks at night and having cold feet or having to always make sure I have slippers right next to my bedside to avoid a cold and quite uncomfortable trek to the loo in the middle of the night.

Walking through the pajama section of clothing stores, I’ve found myself eyeing the kiddie section with all of the footie jammies and hoodie onesies that tots get to sport. Why do they get to protect their feet when most of the time they barely toddle or their mums take them everywhere all the time?

The answer to all of our cold feet woes is none other than the return of onesies for adults! A fuzzy, soft, comfortable cocoon to fit all who are over three feet tall and want everything protected from a slight chill can be found almost anywhere nowadays.

Onesies for adults are available at many retailers and, of course, a wide variety is just a click away on the web. And, have no fear, you aren’t limited to just basic, boring colors or a one-size-fits-all nightmare. You can find adult versions of the kiddie one you used to love: favorite childhood characters, holiday-themed, and ones that just have cute little animals all over them.
Or, if you’re more interested in expressing your more snarky, adult side, there are also a number of onesies with more adult themes. You can find more “mature” onesies related to beer drinking, television shows, and comic characters.

You can go the cheap route and get your onesie from a bargain store. Or, go online and get one that is tailored made to suite your exact height and personality.
Comfort aspect aside, they’re just plain fun. You might just surprise yourself with a little chuckle when you stumble around before you morning cup of coffee and catch a glimpse of yourself in the mirror.

And, if you’re fully confident in yourself as an adult and can enjoy a joke or two, you can even share your fun new purchase with your friends…well, at least the idea.
Now that we’ve established the onesies aren’t just for the wee ones, neither are onesie pajama parties. Fun and comfort?

Yes! It’s completely understandable if a bunch of your friends passed out on your living room floor doesn’t exactly scream “fun” to you. On the flip side, try inviting your onesie pals over, order a pizza, and comfortably laze about in front of the tube for a few hours. You might even get creative and play some party games or go crazy with ice cream sundaes.

As is evident through the creation of onesies for adults, the fun of childhood and youth can most certainly be relived in your more mature, or at least taller, years of life. And, if you’re honest with yourself, who doesn’t need a little light-hearted fun to ease the stress and doldrums of your everyday responsible adult life? I know I certainly can use a little chuckle every now and again.
In your daily grind, weighed down by the demands of work, finances, and, well, being an adult, you were probably unaware of the little bits of fun your childhood could bring back to you now.
Unlike what your parents told you as a wee one, your jammies are no longer just for sleep. No, they’re for having fun and plastering a big, child-like smile all over your face.

Let’s recap: onesies are fun and provide comfort for all ages and all walks of life. Whether you are a mother of three, a Wall Street executive, or a retired professional, a cozy onesie can warm your tootsies and put a smile even on the sternest faces.

Don’t let a little fear of fun or even silliness keep you from enjoying a little slice of sweet childhood memories.