Onesies are the perfect all in one suit for lounging around the house or staying warm on a cold day, but they are available in so many different styles that there are now onesies available for nearly any occasion. One popular choice for these one piece wonders are animal onesies.

Animal onesies are similar to the animal suits that were once the craze in Japan, but now these all in ones have become popular in the UK. From the normal everyday person to celebrities and super models, everyone has joined the animal onesie craze. Once viewed as nothing more than a cute costume, the animal onesie has become the cute, cuddly fashion trend for all who want to be comfortable and stylish wherever they go.

Animal onesies are available in nearly every size, shape, and style. There are animal onesies that are simply made of zebra, cheetah, or lion print material for every daywear, but there are also endless options for those who are looking for something a bit more bold. If you are looking for sweet whimsical outfit, there are onesies made to look like cute, cuddly kitty cats, puppy dogs, hamsters, gerbils, squirrels, and seals, or you can choose fierce lions, tigers, bears, wolves, or dinosaurs. If you are looking for a more exotic animal, there are many shops that offer design your own onesies that can help you create the animal onesie of your dreams.

Onesies are designed for comfort and ease of wearing, so animal onesies are a great alternative to those cumbersome animal costumes. They are made of a variety of fabrics from heavy fleece to light cotton, so there are onesie available that are perfect for everything from Halloween to a costume party. Many animal onesies are made of fabrics that resemble the fur of the animal of your choosing, so you get the full effect without the extra bulk.

Onesies are also made with attached hoods to replicate the ears or head of the animal, so you do not have to worry about bothersome masks or headpieces that might fall off. Many onesies can also be purchased with attached or attachable feet that look just like animal paws or hooves to make sure you look the part from head to toe, and there are also many that come with tails as well.

There are also animal onesies available that include their own cute little babies like the kangaroo or chicken, both of which have a pocket on the front to proudly show off your animal style. Animal onesies are also much cheaper than the normal costumes, so you can be comfortable wearing them and still save money at the same time. The added bonus of the animal onesie is that you can buy it for a party or costume event, and then simply wear it as a comfortable alternative to pyjamas for the rest of the year.

If you are simply looking for a comfortable lounging outfit, an animal onesie can be great for adding a little fun to your wardrobe. Whether you are choosing an all in one to enjoy in your favorite animal, or you need to look the part, you will not have to worry about comfort. They are also the perfect gift for that special someone that cannot get enough of their favorite animal. There are onesies available in nearly any type of animal, so finding the one you need will be a snap.

Many animal onesies are made in Japan, which is home to some of the craziest and fanciest clothing designs. This ensures that the outfit you are looking for will be dazzling yet comfortable for any occasion. As an added bonus, most onesie makers size them to be baggy which allows you to wear normal clothing underneath so changing is a breeze.

Whether you are looking for a comfortable alternative to a costume, or you just want a cute and cuddly outfit that is sure to turn heads, animal onesies have you covered. This comfortable, chic fashion trend is available in many different fabrics for every season, and the sheer number of designs, patterns, and create your own options ensure there is a perfect onesie for you.