Onesies for adults are a pretty recent development outside of ski suits, starting as a novelty they have become very popular in a range of markets, from fancy dress to sleeping attire the market is growing rapidly. There are many options for anyone looking to buy a mens onesie, whether you are attending a party or looking for a comfy outfit to lounge about in.

Onsesies for comfort

A onesie is a great garment to relax in if you choose the material and fit carefully. Cotton is a good fabric as it is natural and breathable, letting you keep cool as well as cosy. A polyester mix will be a cheaper option, but it will not have the breathable qualities that a cotton material will provide and may get a little clammy in warmer weather. Fleece inside a onesie will keep you very warm and cosy, great for a day snuggling on the sofa watching films and chilling out. There are all kinds of patterns as well, from stars and stripes to Fair Isle or Aztec prints that come in whatever colours you choose. Getting the size of a onesie right is a bit tricky, as they are all in one it can be hard to get the size that fits you everywhere. Going for something a bit big is the best way to get a size that is comfortable, especially if you are just planning to lounge around in it. Leg length is difficult to get right, and those with a long back could have problems getting a comfortable onesie to fit into without it being too short and therefore tight in the crotch area.

Fancy Dress Onesies for men

A onesie makes a great fancy dress outfit, as it is obviously all in one piece so easy to get into. All kinds of costumes from superman to teddy bears can solve your fancy dress dilemmas and it is easy to find onesies that aren’t too expensive and you don’t have to think too hard about what costume you are going with. There is the added bonus that after you are done with the fancy dress party or event you can use your onesie to relax in, as long as you have chosen a well made warm one. Onesies are also available in adult sizes but with kids prints on them and feet in them; probably not the best thing to wear out and about but a really comfortable way to chill out at the weekend or in the evening.

Onesies are great for relaxing around the house or dressing up in for fancy dress, and they can also be a good cover up after playing sport, as well as an alternative to a dressing gown if you get a towelling or cotton one. If you get a onesie with feet in the bottom rather than just cuffs take care if you ar walking about on wooden or tiled floors as there is a risk of slipping; choose a suit with grips on the feet to make sure you don’t slip and hurt yourself. If you go for a onesie without feet then get some warm socks or cosy slippers to make sure your feet aren’t left out iof the warm comfort provided to the rest of your body

If you are looking for a onesie for a comfortable lounging about outfit then it is a good idea to go for one that is cotton with a fleecy lining, and try it on or at least go for a place that you can easily return it too if the fitting is not right. This will keep you comfortable and relaxing happily. If your onesie is for a fancy dress party then there is less need for a higher quality, unless you want to wear it around the house afterwards in which case you should pay some attention to the comfort and fit of the garment

So however you are intending to use your onesie, bear in mind the material and fit of it, and always try it on if you can. You can choose an adult pattern, or go the whole way and have a kiddie pattern which should probably be kept inside the house. Whatever you choose to go with, make sure you asre comfortable and happy in your onesie.