A popular new trend in pyjamas has made their way around the world in college dorms, in the homes of wealthy movie stars and even in nightclubs throughout Europe. A definition for the onesie pyjamas has even earned a space in the Oxford English Dictionary, which describes the outfit as a “loose-fitting one-piece leisure garment for adults, covering the torso and legs.”

They onesie pyjamas are easy to get on and off, as they are made baggy to allow room for lounging around the house. They have a zipper that runs from the throat down to the crouch to aid in the putting garment on and off. These pyjamas are usually made from a warm material such as flannel or fleece to keep your nice and cosy on a winter’s evening.

You can purchase these pyjamas in many different styles designed for men, women or children. If you are still cold when wearing your onesie, you can pull up the hood over your head to get more warmth from the garment. You can even purchase the outfit with feet in them to keep you extra toasty at night.

Onesie Pyjama Popularity

The onesie has become a popular item throughout the world, including the United Kingdom and other areas in Europe. While there has always been a version of the onesie pyjamas in children’s wear, the onesie has taken off in recent months as a fashion phenomenon that started in Norway.

Three students in Norway, three male students, wanted a loose fitting outfit for lazing the day away and came up with a one-piece outfit designed to get them room and warmth. They came up with the idea of the onesie outfit and, thanks to social media, their idea was spread worldwide and became a hit in Europe and around the wide.

You can buy onesie pyjamas in many department stores in the United Kingdom, the United States and other countries around the world and there are numerous websites offering the garments as well. The pyjamas are made in countries as far away as Japan and Australia, spreading their popularity even further.

Kids and Onesie

For children of all ages, it has become a popular trend to have ‘onesie parties’ when they have a group of friends spending the night. Each child, or teenager, wears their favourite onesie pyjamas while playing games, watching movies or dancing around and having fun at the slumber party.

Onesies, which is a trade name for a line of baby clothing, have always been a popular outfit for infants. Their pyjamas are made from either a cotton material that covers the torso and arms, and then snaps over the diaper at the crotch, or you can get them in fleece, with or without the feet in them. This is a wonderful outfit for babies, as they stay covered even when they are kicking, crawling or simply sleeping.

Themed Pyjamas

The footed onesie pyjamas are a fun outfit for older children and adults and that is reflected in the many designs, colours and styles in which the outfits are made. You can pick out Christmas and Easter themed one-piece pyjamas for adults, as well as kids. You can also purchase them in a wide variety of patterns that fits any personality, boy or girl alike.

Costume pyjamas are popular as well, with animal outfits, gnomes and superheroes being some of the choices you can select from. The one-piece pyjamas made in Japan seem to be more costume like and are usually made to look like animals. The costume themes are popular at onesie parties that children like to throw.

While onesie pyjamas are made to be soft and warm, in countries where the climate is warmer, they are made without the feet, the hood and you can buy them with short sleeves. An Australian company makes their onesies with cotton or jersey fabric for comfort, both in terms of the softness of the garment and to help keep the wearer cool.

If you are interested in getting onesie pyjamas, the Internet is a great resource. You can find them at a shop near you or you can choose from several online companies from which to your onesie pyjamas.