Unless you have been out of touch with reality, you may have missed the latest trend of onesies that has engulfed the nation in its craze. Onesies, the adorable one piece pajama that covers the entire body including feet, is no longer just for babies. Brace yourself for the coming of age where adults are not afraid to wear the onesie in public. Traditionally thought to be a comfortable one-piece garment for babies, it has come a long way to become a fashion icon. Celebrities are seen sporting this look, it seems people can’t get enough of these adorable one pieces.

Sale records from Christmas time show that this was one of the hottest items for the year 2012. Stores like ASDA, Marks& Spencers, New Look, Debenhams, ASOS, and River Island all saw soaring sales of this divine product. It almost seems everyone upon seeing them first says, I wouldn’t be caught dead wearing it, and then they are caught sporting it as they catch their flights at Heathrow airport. What is so alluring about this one piece that can at best be considered childish? First of all, it is a unisex garment, which men and women are equally embracing. But, let’s talk about the onesies for women and how the trend started.

Onesies were a creation of Norwegian friends Knut Gresvig, Thomas and Henrik Norstrud, who just randomly decided to sew together their hoodies and sweat pants to make a comfortable one piece for lounging at home. Their friends loved the idea and urged them to make more pieces. They started off with 50 pieces that sold like hot cakes. From there they were spotted at clubs and became a hot sensation, making these three young men millionaires.

Celebrities like Amy Childs, and Jessica Wright were seen sporting these one piece suits in public, making them okay to bring out of your lounge to the streets. Other big name models such as Cara Delevingne, Holly Willoughby, Florence Welch and Daisy Lowe are avid fans of the onesie. Cara Dalavingne is expected to start her own line of onesies. She was first seen in one as she landed in New York before the Victoria’s Secret show. She is often seen sporting animal onesies from her favourite brand Kigu which is a shortened version of kigurimi, translated as ‘costumed animal character’. Cara t has been seen wearing this for good causes. She wore a panda onesie to raise money for Children in Need and Pudsey Bear. It comes as no surprise that this wardrobe item has found its place with ordinary people and soared in sales through Christmas season. Amy childs also released a velour all-in one that vajazzled onesie that sells for £60. Within the first 2 weeks, she sold 2000 on her website.

As if all this celebrity backing was not enough for the one piece, there seem to be rumours that the Duchess of Cambridge Kate Middleton may finally wear a onesie through her pregnancy. Designer Lusekofte believes, he has figured the perfect onesie ensemble the duchess should wear. He thinks a pink Nordic design is perfect for Royalty to lounge in at Kensington Palace.
As hot as these items maybe, there are certain downfalls of the one piece. Suggesting Kate Middleton to wear this during pregnancy, when most women require frequent need of the loo is probably not the brightest idea. In order to use the toilet, one would need to remove top part, sleeves and all.

Many celebrities have been seen wearing these while travelling. They are a perfect choice for travelling because of their loose fitting, and the comfort of removing it in one swift movement once at your destination. A survey has shown comfort as the main reason for why people prefer buying these onesies, but following fashion is another popular reason for the soaring sales.Some other iconic celebrities who have been seen wearing onsies for women include Rihanna, Heidi Klum, Cheryl Cole and Kate Moss